Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that I have put together regarding our Flat Fee Service. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

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Do you offer any rebates for buyers who do not sell a home using your flat fee listing service?
If I use your flat fee listing service to sell my home, are there any benefits to using your company in representing me on the purchase of my new home?

Flat Fee Listing Service

Will Realtors show my home even though I chose a flat Fee Listing service instead of paying a high commission?
With your Flat Fee Listing packages, I pay a flat fee up front on the "listing" side, but do I still have to pay a "selling agent?"
Is this the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to which all area Realtors belong?
Can I create flyers for my listing?
Can I place my own sign on the property?
Do I have control over all listing information that goes on the MLS?
Do you offer any discounts for customers listing multiple properties with your Flat Fee Listing Services?
How do I make changes to my listing?
How does your full representation option compare to other companies such as Remax, Century 21 and other well known companies.
How long is the Flat Fee listing period on the MLS?
How will I save thousands by choosing your Flat Fee listing service?
If Executive Realty Services finds a buyer and sells my home, will I owe a commission?
If I find my own buyer, will I still have to pay a selling commission?
Is it true that Realtors using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sell most houses and that they usually sell for a higher price?
Is your Flat Fee Refundable?
Must I have a lockbox?
What is a Flat Fee Listing?
What is the difference between a traditional real estate company and Executive Realty Services?
What is the Multiple Listing Service? (Also known and referred to as the "MLS")
Who handles the negotiation with the Flat Fee listing service?
Will my listing appear on the Web Sites of other local Real Estate Companies?
Will my listing look the same as a full listing commission to a traditional agent?
Will my property be listed on the Internet?
Will Realtors contact you or me for a showing?